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Deep Cuts in Concert

Tune-In Monty's "Wolf Den" specials:

"Deep Cuts in Concert" features 3 hours of live

70s performances! Join the crowds while you socially distance!

In honor of "El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie" enjoy the soundtrack and special audio clips in

"Breaking Bad in the Wolf Den" (originally aired 10/5/19)

To Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, Monty transports you back in time with 3 hours of music, interviews, and memories to the event that changed music history on

"Woodstock in The Wolf Den"

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Ready to ROCK back to the 70s?

Remember the edgy and exciting sound and feel of 1970's rock radio?

It's back with Deep Cuts in the Wolf Den, hosted by Monty Wolf.

Album cuts, long versions, and trivia on the musicians, bands, songs along with the occasional story. Every Saturday night at 9pm Pacific, we'll transport you to a time when rock ruled the FM dial.  

If you miss any of the show, check back here weekly for our podcast!